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Production & operations

The operational heart of bp, producing the affordable hydrocarbon energy and products the world needs – safely, cleanly and efficiently

In production & operations (P&O) we find and develop hydrocarbon resources, operate oil and gas production assets, as well as refineries, pipelines and terminals around the world.


Our vision is to become an industry-leading hydrocarbons business and the engine room of our integrated energy company.

We will do this by always putting safety first, reducing carbon emissions, improving efficiency, integrating across the value chain, and flexibly deploying talent to the solve the biggest issues.

“With continued rigour in safety and our operations, driving emissions down, and transforming our focused oil, gas and refining operations to drive efficiency, we will play a leading role in bp’s transition from an international oil company to an integrated energy company.”

Gordon Birrell, EVP, production & operations

bp’s new Argos platform in the US Gulf of Mexico

Oil and gas

A resilient oil and gas business is an essential part of our transformation to an integrated energy company. That’s why we are investing in lower carbon energy and investing in oil and gas


Careers in operations

Whether you work on deepwater platforms, in our amazing oil refineries, or in our onshore oil and gas operating centres, you’ll be able to make your mark on a business that makes safe and reliable operations its top priority