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Whether you work on deepwater platforms, in our amazing oil refineries, or in our onshore oil and gas operating centres, you’ll be able to make your mark on a business that makes safe and reliable operations its top priority

Operations is the backbone of our integrated energy company – and the key to turning our resources into products that meet the increasing demand for energy.

Safely and reliably finding new reserves of energy isn’t the whole story. Taking the resource to market is just as challenging, just as important and just as safety-critical.


Finding oil, however, isn’t the whole story. Our oil refineries are technically complex and a reflection of our growing investment in innovation. It’s here that hydrocarbons are converted, upgraded and blended into products that people can put into their cars or use to heat their homes.


Our engineers and technicians at our refineries ensure that every piece of equipment is operated safely and responsibly.

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From the people who chart our course to those who put our plans into action, bp is an exciting place to be for anyone who wants to be part of the global energy business

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