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Whatever your forte, bp offers an inspiring, commercially challenging, creatively exciting and ever-evolving environment with a genuine international dimension
Our marketing professionals provide a link between our products and services and the huge range of people and businesses that need them. It’s all about understanding our customers and their demands.

Could you put together the global marketing plans for our newest lubricant? Or develop the strategy to increase sales of the materials used to manufacture life-saving pharmaceuticals? Could you research the market for automotive lubricants in Norway? Or analyse trade flows in Eastern Europe?


These are just some of the challenging assignments undertaken by our high-calibre marketing teams. Whatever the project, you can be sure that ordinary and average don’t have a place with us. That’s because it’s the job of our marketing teams to complete research, formulate plans and deliver communications that make our brands and products stand out – and that’s no simple task. For starters, there’s information to share, cultures to navigate and time zones to keep track of. Then there’s the products themselves, as well as a very competitive global marketplace.


It’s all about understanding our customers and the demand for our products. Your customer could be a German consumer looking for a cleaner fuel for their car, or a manufacturing plant in China wanting to make their process more efficient. It’s also about believing in the power of innovation. Whether the focus is on new food packaging in Canada, engine lubricants for the Russian market or marine fuel in Spain, our marketing teams keep up with our diverse product range and stay focused on the future.


Our people work in areas across the spectrum of marketing, including brand marketing, channel marketing, trade and category marketing, pricing, marketing communications, digital marketing, sponsorships and analysis.

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From the people who chart our course to those who put our plans into action, bp is an exciting place to be for anyone who wants to be part of the global energy business