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Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

In a business that has made safety the number one priority, help us set the standards for our industry
BP makes the safety and reliability of all of its operations our top priority. With roles ranging from environmental managers to health advisors, find out where you fit in to our exceptional team.

From offshore drilling platforms, to newly-discovered terrain and inner-city business complexes, high-calibre professionals in health, safety, security and environment assess every possible risk to our people.


We learn through the challenges we constantly face and explore new ways to improve our design, technology and processes.


By focusing on developing engineering and control systems that reduce hazards and support compliance, capability and performance, we look to ensure all our people are safe and secure in the environment they work in.


We make health and safety our overriding priority. Can we rely on you to implement it?

People stories

  • Travelling the world with BP: Jaya’s story
    Travelling the world with BP: Jaya’s story
    After spending a few years at a ship management company in Singapore, Jaya joined BP Shipping and spent the next decade in various roles developing strong technical and leadership capabilities
  • How does a NASA diver end up at BP? Virginia’s story
    How does a NASA diver end up at BP? Virginia’s story
    Working as a diver at NASA’s Natural Buoyancy Laboratory, where astronauts train underwater in preparation for the zero gravity environments on board the International Space Station, Virginia Moore was pretty sure she had found her dream job. But after five years, she realised she wanted a career that would continually challenge her. It was then, thanks to her father, that she turned to BP
  • Employee assistance programme
    Employee assistance programme
    At BP we offer support to all our employees and their immediate families through our global Employee Assistance Programme
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