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Communications & external affairs

Our reputation is one of our biggest assets – and we believe that our future is linked to our reputation. That’s why what we say about our business is so important

The role of communications & external affairs (C&EA) is to enhance bp’s reputation and create value for our organization by engaging with staff and society, communicating our purpose and our progress, campaigning for net zero and actively advocating for well-designed climate policies. 


We achieve this by:


  • enhancing bp’s reputation and brand to support our purpose and ambition
  • sharing bp’s net zero ambition and aims, using our relationships and influence to help the world get to net zero
  • being disciplined, creative and bold as we execute our campaigns to reimagine energy, reinvent bp and perform while transforming
  • fostering a favourable external environment that supports our businesses now and in the future
  • strengthening relationships with a wide network of stakeholders and gain their support
  • training, equipping and mobilizing our employees as advocates preparing for and responding effectively to unforeseen events and challenges.


Our communications & external affairs teams are skilled at managing multiple channels and relationships, covering issues that are complex and vital to the world’s future.

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