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We use leading technologies to deliver solutions across our product and operations business

In subsurface, we work with experts. Our geoscientists, petrophysicists and engineers work as part of a collaborative team on offshore, deepwater and onshore oil and gas projects in over 25 countries. 

Our product and operations segment is responsible for our activities in oil and natural gas exploration, field development and production, and midstream transportation, storage and processing.


In everything we do, safety and reliability are absolute priorities. And that means taking on outstanding scientists and engineers and giving them access to the best technology.


From the first stages of exploration through to development and recovery, they make it possible for us to push back the frontiers of geography and discovery to safely find and develop more resources.

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From the people who chart our course to those who put our plans into action, bp is an exciting place to be for anyone who wants to be part of the global energy business

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