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Digital and technology

We are thought leaders, focused on progressive projects that enhance careers and accelerate our net zero ambition

Whether through UX design, analytics or strategy, your digital and technical skills will help us solve one of society’s most pressing problems: how can we provide energy to the world while being at the forefront of the sustainable energy transition?

Our business areas

We connect the digital disciplines, consumers and procurers of IT to help create an integrated, flexible and effective digital architecture for bp. As a community, we ensure every digital platform and service across the company – from laptop to offshore wells, trading desks and retail sites – are secure, innovative and integrated, to ensure our global business is future-ready.
Data & analytics
Customers are increasingly seeking better user experiences, greater convenience and lower cost offerings. That’s where we come in. Our data & analytics team strives to help bp sustainably meet these heightened customer expectations. We measure progress and impact, improve processes, assess technology choices, and generate data-driven insights to identify new business – always mindful of our net zero goal.
Design & change management
We help build digital solutions globally, working across bp’s digital landscape to embed sustainability, accessibility and inclusivity into our digital projects and services. That includes user experience research and content design, service and product design, design engineering for consumer mobile apps and websites, and design operations to manage our activities. 
Digital product
We help inform the company's strategy with our expertise and connect this to the product vision. As well as developing and delivering valuable products, we strive to optimize the customer journey and drive efficiencies. Through role-based learning and career development, we’re evolving how we think, design and deploy our next digital breakthroughs.
Digital science & technology
Our remit is to develop a knowledge base on emerging technologies which have the potential to accelerate bp’s strategy. The team uses agile techniques, high velocity experimentation and strong connections to external technology development in academia, start-up and venturing ecosystems to support bp’s net zero aims.
Enterprise technology & service engineering
Man operating digital equipment
We deliver value by shaping and integrating technology and services from the market within the bp technology landscape. Our team works across all areas of bp, bringing a deep specialism in a technology domain, platform or market solution. This can be part of group-wide technology, or specific to a unique business.
Information security
Our team drives the design and delivery of security services with the aim of protecting bp against threats and attacks. As part of this, we help teams and businesses understand cyber risk and take personal ownership for cyber security. Global vendors look to us to push their thinking – so we’re always at the forefront of change.
Software & platform engineering
As bp evolves, digital systems are needed to help create new energy services. Our team helps achieve this by safely developing and operating software platforms and products. We aim to bring innovations to life and realize our technological potential as a joined-up company, while working with the business to see the ‘bigger picture’ with digital delivery.
Technical programme management
Group of people looking at laptop
We are experts in the integrated delivery of products and initiatives with varying levels of complexity. Our team blends traditional project management with newer methods, like scaled agile, to co-ordinate effective support to cross-functional teams, including product, tech and design professionals. 

bp digital podcasts

Sometimes serious and sometimes playful, throughout the series you’ll hear stories, insights and reflections that enlighten and inspire

What we are doing

Changing the way we do business
Cognitive computing
Digital twins


From the people who chart our course to those who put our plans into action, bp is an exciting place to be for anyone who wants to be part of the global energy business

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