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Digital and technology

We are thought leaders, focused on progressive projects that enhance careers and accelerate our net zero ambition
Whether through UX design, analytics or strategy, your digital and technical skills will help us solve one of society’s most pressing problems: how can we provide energy to the world while being at the forefront of the sustainable energy transition?

Our business areas

Information security
We work iteratively and at speed with every area of the company to ensure designs are built with security in mind. Different business areas have different challenges, so we’re ready to mitigate risk wherever it arises. Global vendors look to us to push their thinking – so we’re always at the forefront of change.
Digital design
We want everyone to have a consistent, rewarding experience across our many apps, systems and digital interfaces. That’s why our six sub-disciplines constantly explore new ways to immerse users. We create for inclusivity and design for sustainability in every aspect of our work.
Digital science & innovation
Working towards a net zero future requires world-class processes. We provide leading-edge innovation via our team of experts, all working at the forefront of technology: regulating bp’s digital future in digital science, creating new opportunities in digital innovation, and trialling new tech in our digital labs.
We connect every digital platform and service across the entirety of bp, from trading desks to offshore wells. We’re a collaborative discipline with a tremendous responsibility to secure, innovate and build the digital capabilities expected of a global business transitioning into a future-ready, integrated energy company.
Data & analytics
Our data & analytics community has a seat at every table within bp, which means we never work in silos and can accelerate high-priority projects. We measure progress and impact, improve processes, assess technology choices, and generate data-driven insights to identify new business – always mindful of our net zero goal.
Digital engineering
Our digital engineering specialists provide innovative, custom-built or customised software and technology platforms for use inside and outside of bp. As we become an integrated energy company, our discipline is leading in the development of software, platforms and products that will advance this transition and help us deliver net zero.
Digital strategy & product leadership
Our role is to drive bp’s digital transformation across every product, portfolio and partnership. This could be creating frameworks for digital partnerships and commercialisation, encouraging agile practices, or managing the delivery of digital products. Whatever the project, we work hard to make sure digital strategy lies at its heart.

bp digital podcasts

Sometimes serious and sometimes playful, throughout the series you’ll hear stories, insights and reflections that enlighten and inspire

What we are doing

Changing the way we do business
Cognitive computing
Digital twins


From the people who chart our course to those who put our plans into action, bp is an exciting place to be for anyone who wants to be part of the global energy business

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