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Finance and tax

In finance and tax we’ll offer you a fullfilling and varied career which would involve working across  different locations and cultures to tangibly impact our business and accelerate our net zero ambition
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We are one integrated finance team with one shared vision.

This is an opportunity to apply to join us  in a crucial time of transformation; to make your mark on a team that’s bringing together our finance, tax and procurement activities into one integrated team that will underpin our success.

A career here would give you  the opportunity to generate competitive value and protect the company from financial risk through innovation, insight and stewardship. Whether you’re looking at performance frameworks, data analytics or supplier relationships you can be sure that your skills wouldtake us  closer to our goal of being net zero by 2050 – or sooner.  Get ready to play a leading part in our journey – to help shape who we are, what we do and how we do it. 

bp's flexible and hybrid working approach gives employees the opportunity to vary when and where you work , provided this was on a 60/40 basis. Career success and work-life balance can happen together – explore our exciting mix of finance opportunities that would work  around you and your life.

Our business areas

Business finance
Customers & products (C&P)
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We enable the C&P business to deliver the future of mobility, energy, and services to our customers – and you could be part of it. You would collaborate with some of bp’s smartest people to help grow and protect value while ensuring compliant financial processes. Using digital solutions, optimised processes, and strong end-to-end controls, we would provide the tools and environment to help you build a seamless and digitised service. 
Production & operations
Cherry Point refinery
Production and operations is the operational heart of bp, where you would enable the P&O business to produce the hydrocarbon energy and products the world needs – safely,  sustainably and efficiently. You would do this through control & compliance, ensuring effective reporting and a robust control environment. You would also help maximise value by providing stewardship on investment decisions, capital allocation, strategic portfolio choices, and innovative financing structures. 
Gas & low carbon energy
Wind turbine
With our net-zero ambition at the forefront, our vision is to become a world-class business partnering group. Here, you would enable the G&LCE business to deliver gas, renewable and integrated low carbon solutions for people and the planet. We work across the business to create a seamless, agile and optimised service, shaping growth and exploring new business models while ensuring compliant financial processes. Apply to help advance energy with purpose.
Trading & shipping
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Our trading & shipping colleagues buy, sell and move energy across the world. You would advise and support them in their pursuit of commercial opportunities around the globe as you enable them to meet customer needs in a rapidly changing market, delivering collaborative and innovative financial solutions. Apply to help us  leap towards the future in a culture that fosters continuous learning, development, and innovation.
Other business & corporate (OB&C) and transformation
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This is an exciting time of transformation. Our vision is to protect and grow value as bp transitions to an integrated energy company that provides solutions to customers. As part of this change, you would enable the OB&C businesses to deliver new business models, drive standardisation, advance digital transformation, and bring our finance activities together into one integrated team.  
Corporate functions
Internal audit
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We deliver audits and insights that protect the assets, reputation and sustainability of bp. From offshore operations to trading, aviation to cyber security, major projects to trade sanctions, refining to procurement, drilling to treasury and marine to financial reporting – our impact is made across all areas of bp. Here, you would ensure our system of internal control is well-designed and operates effectively to respond to significant risks. 
Investor relations
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With a vision to drive fair valuation and liquidity of bp’s securities, we enable and help manage crucial communication between bp and the financial community. Your work would help attract a global and diverse shareholder base by engaging, guiding, and inspiring investors to make informed decisions in their actions. Apply to help us maximise value and leap towards the future.
Mergers & acquisitions (M&A)
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Our vision is to bring independence and excellence to delivering the most commercial deals possible for bp. You would play a critical role in transforming bp’s portfolio of assets and businesses by executing all material acquisitions, divestments and joint ventures.  As we move into the future, your work would help us shift from a hydrocarbon centric portfolio to a more balanced portfolio that can compete in the energy transition and deliver bp’s ambition. 
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Playing our part and contributing to the societies in which we operate, we manage the taxes bp pays and collects. As part of a global team spread across the world, you would drive tax value across our supply chains, ensuring we build open and constructive relationships with tax authorities. And as we transition to an integrated energy company, you would help navigate the changing tax environment to unlock new business value and build on the trust and support of policymakers. 
Woman wearing a headscarf pointing at a monitor
Treasury lies at the heart of the company with the purpose of managing the group‘s funding. We partner with each of the group‘s businesses, advising on and implementing optimal funding structures to deliver commercial objectives. Here, you would make your impact by delivering financial and risk management solutions. We would empower your talent as we leverage data and technology and embrace a transformational mindset. Apply to be  part of building our vision of delivering value through leading-edge innovation and insight.
Global functions
Accounting, reporting & control (ARC)
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Here, you would use the power of business, finance and transformation to maximise value while accelerating our net zero ambition. How? By delivering reliable, accurate and transparent  financial reports. You would harness data and digital technology to ensure that control and compliance is built into our finance processes. And with a focus on digital development and leadership, you would grow and learn with every opportunity and innovation that comes your way.
Planning & performance management (PPM)
Woman standing in corridor holding a laptop
Our vision is to shape the reinvention of bp through enabling informed, data-led decision-making – and you could be part of the change. Using the power of automation, artificial intelligence and data mining, you would evaluate performance and provide analysis, insight and support to elevate performance and provide innovative, ground-breaking ideas.
Procurement & supply change management (PSCM)
Procurement & supply change management (PSCM)
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We have ambitious plans to make our business leaner, faster, more sustainable and more effective. Our vision is to use our scale and commercial mindset to drive these plans to fruition and create even greater value while mitigating risk. To unlock supplier potential, reduce carbon in our operations and production, and build new businesses focused on sustainability, we use breakthrough technology, harness new ways of working and foster innovative thinking. 
Global business services (GBS)
Global business services (GBS)
Man sitting in office, talking, wearing a headset

GBS is an integrated part of bp, where you would help drive business solutions that make an impact across the globe. 


You would  help build our vision in driving value that’s so crucial to our energy transition. We’re a transformational engine focussed on seamless customer experiences, digital, innovation, data insights & analytics and agile integration across bp. And as we quickly evolve, we never lose sight of operational excellence, process conformance and robust controls frameworks. 

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