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At BP, you’ll enjoy an inclusive work environment and the career development opportunities only a global company can offer
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Learn what it's like for to work at BP from people who are here now. Students, graduates and experiened professionals talk about their experiences and achievements to give you a real insight into the organization

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Colleagues from all over the world tell their stories, speak about their achievements, their challanges and what it's really like to work in a diverse, vibrant and global organization

  • Unleash your potential – dream, believe, become
    Unleash your potential – dream, believe, become
    In a new opinion piece for the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP), Bitar addresses the future of the industry and how young people will be a major part of solving the dual challenge and advancing the energy transition
  • Ronit's bright idea
    Ronit's bright idea
    Ronit Kanwar's fear of the dark led to a bright idea that’s changing the lives of families in parts of rural India
  • Inside BP’s venturing arm: Chad’s story
    Inside BP’s venturing arm: Chad’s story
    Venturing is all about courage and BP often invests in early stage companies when banks and private equity firms aren’t willing to take the risk
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