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Our approach to sustainability

We want to embed sustainability into our DNA so that it is integrated into our ‎decisions and actions. To do this, we’re focusing on our business processes, our ‎culture and our digital agenda – all underpinned by a simplified governance ‎structure‎
A call to action

Governance and business processes

We plan to do even more to integrate sustainability into our governance structures and business ‎processes, so that it informs our strategic and operational decisions. In 2020, in line with our new ‎strategy and work to reinvent bp, we reviewed the way we govern sustainability at board and executive ‎level.‎

Enhancing employee capability and mindset

We want to create a bp in which all our employees are energised by our net zero ambition and purpose. ‎This requires us to change – to evolve our capabilities, building on the strong foundations we already ‎have.‎

Building our digital capability

To reimagine energy, we also need to reimagine digital as it underpins everything we do. In future, we ‎intend to make increasing use of digital technologies to transform the speed and accuracy of the way we ‎monitor performance and trends, analyze data and gain sustainability insights.‎

Designing for sustainability

Designing for sustainability includes how we make decisions about the digital solutions we create and ‎embedding sustainable design thinking into our processes and operations. Underpinning this, the bp ‎digital design team is developing a sustainable design kit, comprising tailored tools and guidance.‎

Launchpad – ‘bp’s unicorn factory’ – is supporting our sustainability journey through integrating digital ‎capabilities, and our digital and agility learning portal provides bp employees with a range of learning ‎paths around agility, digital innovation, data visualization, design thinking and leading in a digital age.‎

Engagement and collaboration

Our new sustainability frame is founded on external engagement and collaboration. Many trusted ‎external stakeholders helped us develop our people and planet aims. Input from various stakeholders ‎has also helped us to shape our revised positions and policies. For example, we developed our updated ‎biodiversity position with input and constructive challenge from international nature and conservation ‎organizations and experts including Conservation International, FFI, UNESCO and IUCN as well as ‎investors.‎

Going forward we will work to deliver our aims by engaging and collaborating with a wide range of ‎stakeholders – from investors and influencers to corporations and NGOs

Building focused partnerships

We understand the value of collaborating and have achieved mutual benefit over many years by working ‎with external organizations. This approach is integral to our sustainability frame and we are looking for ‎allies who can help drive progress. We are thinking beyond conventional collaborations with others in ‎our industry and forging relationships beyond our sector with businesses including Qantas, Microsoft ‎and Uber.‎

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