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Susan Dio nommée President de BP America, Inc

Date: 20 March 2018


Dio succeeds John Mingé who will chair the National Petroleum Council study into carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS)

BP today announced that Susan Dio has been appointed chairman and president of BP America Inc., BP’s chief representative in the United States, from 1 May 2018.

Dio succeeds John Mingé, who will move to chair a study by the National Petroleum Council (NPC) into CCUS technologies and their potential deployment. He will retire from BP in March 2019.


Bob Dudley, BP group chief executive said: “Susan’s breadth of operational and commercial experience gained with BP around the world – including leading our global shipping business, running a major refinery, and managing a chemical plant – make her ideally-suited for the key role of representing BP in the US. The US is a vital part of BP – we have invested more than $100 billion here since 2005. All our businesses, from exploration to refining to renewable energies, operate at scale in the US and together they make up the largest portfolio of businesses we have anywhere in the world.”


Susan Dio, a chemical engineer by training, has been chief executive of BP Shipping for the past three years, responsible for BP’s shipping business worldwide, including its fleet of over 70 operated and time-chartered vessels. In this time, she led the review and reset of the organization’s strategy and operations and oversaw the ongoing renewal of the fleet – the largest such programme in BP’s history. Previously during her 33-year career with BP and heritage companies, she held a series of senior commercial and operating roles in the US, UK, and Australia.


The NPC’s study into CCUS technologies was directed by US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and the NPC asked that Mingé take on this distinguished role. The study will consider CCUS technologies, the factors and policies required for their successful deployment, and possible pathways for integrating CCUS at scale into the energy marketplace, particularly in the petroleum industry. In addition to his work on the study, Mingé will continue to provide BP with strategic advice on work to advance the energy transition.


John Mingé has headed BP America since February 2013. He led the recovery of BP’s reputation in the US through the years following the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, leading a stronger focus on safety and reliability and ensuring that obligations to federal and state governments and Gulf Coast communities were met. More recently he headed BP’s response to the severe impact of Hurricane Harvey on the Houston area and BP’s US headquarters. Mingé had previously spent four years running BP’s business in Alaska and, earlier in his almost 35-year career with BP, held executive and engineering posts in the US, UK, Vietnam and Indonesia.


Bob Dudley said: “John has been a superb leader of BP America through a period of great challenge. He has driven a culture of safe, reliable and compliant operations throughout our businesses, worked steadily to rebuild our reputation, and been a tireless advocate for BP and our industry in Washington and across the US.”


“The effective use of CCUS technologies will be key to meeting the world’s ambitions to reduce carbon emissions and it is vital that we understand these technologies and how they can best be integrated with our energy systems. I am certain that the study John will lead will make an important contribution to developing this understanding.”



Notes to editors

  • The NPC’s study into CCUS was requested by Secretary Perry in conjunction with the NPC’s 127th meeting in September 2017. See the NPC press release here.


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