Energy economics

The Statistical Review provides historic data on world energy markets, while the Energy Outlook makes projections to 2035 and beyond

Statistical Review of World Energy 2017

Using robust global data, the Statistical Review of World Energy will provide an objective overview of what happened to energy markets in 2016.

The 2017 launch webcast will be hosted by Lamar McKay, deputy group chief executive, and Spencer Dale, group chief economist, on Tuesday 13 June.

Statistical Review 2016

The 65th edition of the BP Statistical Review of World Energy sets out energy data for 2015, revealing a year in which significant long-term trends in both the global demand and supply of energy came to the fore with global energy consumption slowing further and the mix of energy sources shifting towards lower carbon fuels.

Energy Outlook

The BP Energy Outlook reflects our best effort to describe a “most likely” trajectory of the global energy system, based on our views of likely economic and population growth, as well as developments in policy and technology.

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