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Through our strategy we aim to create a distinctive platform for value growth over the long term

Investing in BP

Our proposition to investors is clear. We aim to grow free cash flow sustainably through a combination of growing operating cash flow and capital discipline. We then intend to use this growing free cash to increase distributions to shareholders, through a progressive dividend, share buybacks and other mechanisms. In doing this, we will actively manage our portfolio and put value before volume.

You can examine our progress in our results and reporting section.

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  • 31 Jul
    8% and 9% preference shares dividend paid Preference shares
  • 06 Aug
    Second Quarter ex-dividend Ex-dividend
  • 08 Aug
    Second Quarter record date Record date

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Annual F&OI

Download the Annual Financial & Operating Information 2009-2013

BP's quarterly results

Quarterly results archive

View our quarterly results and related press releases dating back to 2005

Antony Burgmans, Non-Executive Director

Directors' remuneration report

View or download the directors' remuneration report including details of executive and non-executive pay

Carl-Henric Svanberg 2012 Board Portrait

Board performance report

The framework, principles and activities that form BP's system of governance

Trading Conditions Update Magnifying Glass

Trading conditions update

The trading conditions update is produced every Friday at 1530 UK time

Data Analyst Buybacks

BP buybacks

See total buybacks to date - this data will be updated on a weekly basis every Monday

Man reading document

Regulatory information service and filings

BP’s filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission

Investor Relations contacts

Investor Relations contacts

Contact details for our Investor Relations teams