Electricity - 2015 in review

World electricity generation grew by 0.9% in 2015, slightly below the growth of primary energy (1.0%)

Growth was down on 2014 (2.4%) and remained well below the 10-year trend (2.8%). OECD electricity grew by 0.2%, after four consecutive years of declining generation. Non-OECD electricity generation grew by 1.4%, significantly slower than 2014 (4.9%) and well below the 10-year trend (5.5%). The slowdown was most marked in China, the world’s largest electricity generator, with growth of just 0.3% in 2015, compared to 6.7% in 2014. The world‘s second largest generator, the US, posted a decline of 0.1%, and North America was the only region to show a decline in electricity generation (-0.1%). India, the third-largest generator, grew by 4.1% to record the largest volumetric growth in generation.
Growth was slightly up on 2012 (2.2%) but remained below the 10-year trend (3.3%) faster than 2013 (4.3%) but well below the 10-year trend (6.3%). Electricity generation grew in all regions except Europe & Eurasia, where it declined by 1.6%. China (+4.0%) and the US (+0.7%) remain the largest and second largest electricity generators, India (+9.6%) is third while Russia (+0.5) overtook Japan (-2.4%) in 2014 to take fourth place.

Electricity generation (terawatt-hours)

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