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Gas and power

Our gas and power business is a key part of our organization, with deep expertise in key regions and products
Gas and power

Our newly formed integrated gas and power business has been established to develop material positions in the major demand segments within the gas and power value chains. 


We recognize that gas and power markets are region specific, with this in mind our two businesses offer deep expertise in their respective regions. Our innovative approach helps to supply, optimize and risk manage our customers’ power and gas needs.

Our reach

North American Gas and Power (NAGP)

North American Gas and Power

Employees on the trading floor

BP is one of North America's top wholesale and retail power marketer and is the largest natural gas marketer in the region.


Our web of assets includes oil and gas wells, refineries, pipelines, storage locations, and export facilities across North America. This physical expertise combines with financial strength and hedging knowledge to enable us to offer long-term agreements, cross-commodity solutions, risk management products, and reliable physical supply.


Being part of BP supply and trading allows for integral asset management, storage, optimization, flow assurance, and risk management services.


Whether you’re a power generator that needs to purchase gas and sell your power, a producer looking to move your natural gas production, or a natural gas consumer wanting to secure your purchase price to ensure a stable cash flow, our cross-commodity and hedging capabilities ensure that we can be your one-stop shop for both physical and financial solutions. Our expertise is at your fingertips.


Orlando Alverez and Michael Thomas explain our journey, our plans for the future and how our customers benefit from a unique combination of physical expertise, financial structures, geographic scope and creative solutions.

Orlando Alverez
Michael Thomas
Orlando Alverez
Michael Thomas

BP Energia Mexico

We have successfully leveraged our reputation and expertise gained in North America and through BP Energía México we have introduced this expertise to the local Mexican market.




The Centro Nacional de Control de Gas (CENAGAS) awarded two contracts to BP Energía  Mexico in the nation’s first natural gas pipeline capacity auction in February 2017.  BP was awarded 190,000 mmbtu/d on the EFM-Nueces pipeline and 10,000 mmbtu/d capacity on the DCP-Gulf Plais pipeline.


To inquire about natural gas in Mexico, contact Pedro Elio:


Power Marketing


BP Energia Mexico’s (BPEM) is an approved power marketer (Comercializador no Suministrador) by Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) therefore BPEM is permitted to participate in Mexico’s wholesale power market. 


Leveraging expertise gained in North America, where we market and trade wholesale physical and financial power to manage BP’s own requirements and to support third-party customers.  


To inquire about electricity in Mexico, please contact

European Gas and Power (EGP)

European Gas and Power


Our European team represent BP in the gas and power markets, providing a route to market for European Upstream equity gas. From this heritage, we have built an extensive platform to serve the needs of our customers. 


We combine international expertise with deep knowledge of the European markets and have a track record of working with diverse participants, including governments, majors, utilities, retailers and large consumers.

Who we are

European Gas and Power (EG&P) is a key part of BP’s Supply and Trading business. The team manages the supply and demand balance across BP’s portfolio of production, generation and refining assets. We offer a range of integrated services and
innovative products to meet the needs of producers, utilities and consumers


What we do

We understand the dynamics of energy markets where we work and use our extensive knowledge and insights to create more value for customers and help them make the most of their assets.


Our team has the expertise in energy price risk management, financial trading and physical markets to develop creative solutions to meet the needs of our customers. These include production off-take, price risk hedging, capital raising as well as risk management options incorporated into supply and purchase arrangements.


Once we understand your professional business needs in more detail we would be happy to discuss your financial hedging and risk management requirements in more detail.

Access to gas and power
  • Funding and working capital commodity structures
  • Energy management and market access services
  • Prompt and forward products
  • Long-term supply
Indexed products
  • European gas and power hubs indices
  • Crude and products-based formulas
  • Indices and combination formulas
Gas and power products/ tolling contracts
  • Physical and financial spark spreads
  • Virtual or physical power tolling
  • Forward and prompt asset optimisation
Flexibility products
  • Swing products
  • Virtual storage products
  • Physical storage capacity
  • Virtual and physical transportation

Where we work

In a complex and sophisticated market, our extensive portfolio can deliver the solutions our customers are looking for. We
are active throughout Western Europe, with transport and storage positions that allow us to meet the diverse needs of producers and customers.


Our main trading office is in Canary Wharf London with a sales and marketing office in Madrid Spain. 


mybpenergy is a new online portal, currently available to a select number of invited European Gas and Power customers. 


mybpenergy provides customers with access to live and historic prices for future contracts across a range of commodities (gas, power, coal and emissions). It also features spot auction prices for power along with FX and Brent futures.


Alongside the market data, customers can access their post trade documentation (invoices, confirms and contracts) as well as review and submit their nominations. Access to news and other content from BP is also available.


For more information, contact your BP account manager or email