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Power purchase agreements

Wind turbine tower

Our EG&P team is working with the corporate sector to connect organisations to renewable energy sources and helping them realise both the environmental and economic benefits of power purchase agreements (PPA).


A renewable PPA is in simple terms a contract to buy power from a renewable source. Corporate buyers can purchase power and renewable energy certificates from a provider or energy generator, rather than a local or national utility, to enhance their green credentials. PPAs are a contract in which the buyer commits to buy the output of a renewable power project.

PPA market

As government subsidies decline and markets evolve, corporate PPAs will play an integral role in ensuring the continued growth of renewable power across Europe.


While Corporate PPAs foster environmental benefits and predictability of longer-term power costs, they can also introduce new risks and additional complexity requiring additional resources to manage. This is particularly true for organizations unfamiliar with project finance, construction contracts, volatile power markets or managing intermittent/un-matched supply contracts.

PPA offering

Sustainability has become a key focus area for organisations and their customers and stakeholders – and a way for companies to differentiate in competitive markets. Through entering into a Power Purchase Agreement, your company can both reduce its
carbon footprint in a clear and meaningful way and play an active role in transforming the energy sector.


Our expert team can provide a variety of physical or financial PPA solutions from our growing European portfolio of new build wind and solar projects tailored to your specific requirements.


These bespoke solutions ensure price security and other benefits of a renewable PPA in a simpler structure that minimizes complexity and unwanted risks, allowing you to focus on your core business. Combined with our extensive trading capabilities
we can offer a range of structures to help you achieve your renewable power goals.  

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