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Global environmental products (GEP)

Leading the transition to low carbon energy

Climate change is real, and BP believes that carbon pricing is the best way to address it. The energy sector alone is not enough; maintaining carbon sinks is essential
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BP works in three core areas to provide environmental products and services for compliance requirements and voluntary targets:
Carbon pricing

Carbon pricing

Global environmental products (GEP) has been active in carbon trading markets since their inception, and as such has the expertise to provide the most comprehensive offering on the market. There are currently 17 carbon trading systems operating across four continents, and BP is active in each of them.
Energy transition

Energy transition

BP invests in developing biogas projects and offtakes from carbon capture projects. BP is also actively involved in renewable power and fuel certificates markets to help businesses demonstrate the use of renewable energy. BP’s AA credit rating and risk management products can help developers who are seeking project financing.
Carbon sinks

Carbon sinks

Forestry projects include those that improve the management of forests to promote carbon sequestration as well as afforestation projects that generate carbon credits during the growth of a newly planted forest. In addition to enhanced sequestration, forestry has multiple other benefits including biodiversity, water quality and soil management. GEP works with project developers and landowners early on to help them finance their projects. From an early stage in the project GEP engages with the project developers and consultants to ensure forest inventories, modelling and project documentation are completed to high standards and according to the program requirements. GEPs experience in offset project activities and programs also enables the team to support projects and validate timelines and forecasts throughout the process.

Our offer

There are three key groups of environmental products traded at BP:

  • Carbon credits or emissions
  • Fuel certificates and biofuels
  • Renewable energy certificates


Whether you are a compliance or voluntary buyer, BP can offer innovative and tailor-made solutions to help meet your goals.

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Our regulatory expertise and global presence enables us to provide valuable risk management solutions and trading services to our wide customer base. BP is also involved in project development through investment, financing and offtake agreements.


Global environmental products cemented its reputation as an industry leader by winning Emissions House of the year at the 2017 Energy Risk Awards.