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Far East

BP produces two condensates crude oils in Indonesia including Tangguh Condensate from the Tangguh LNG plant in the Papua Barat province. In Australia, BP's current production activities are centered on interests in the giant North West Shelf Venture

Cossack-Wanaea-Lambert-Hermes (CWLH) is a FPSO oil development linked to the North West Shelf Project. Fields are tied back to the Okha FPSO which has a storage capacity of 925kb.


Cossack is a light sweet crude.

Location Australia
Load terminal

Cossack Pioneer

Parcel sizes 220,000-730,000 barrels
North West Shelf Condensate

The North West Shelf Project (NSWP) is primarily a large offshore gas project although a relatively small amount of light sweet condensate is produced.


Operated by Woodside Petroleum, BP has a 16.67% equity share.


North West Shelf is a light sweet condensate.

Location Australia
Load terminal


Parcel sizes 220,000-730,000 barrels
Tangguh Condensate
Aerial view of Tangguh LNG plant

Primarily an LNG development, a small amount of condensate is produced and lifted from the Vorwata field. Tangguh LNG is operated by BP Berau Ltd. (100% owned by BP).


Tangguh Condensate is a light sweet crude.


Condensate and gas are both piped to an onshore receiving facility at which point the condensate is separated and processed onshore.

Location Indonesia
Load terminal


Parcel sizes 80,000 barrels
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