About BP Shipping

BP Shipping provides safe, efficient, environmentally responsible marine and shipping solutions in support of BP Group strategies. In BP Shipping, we manage BP Group hydrocarbon transportation activities safely, efficiently and responsibly in accordance with regulatory requirements and through the application of the OMS framework. We also support BP Group activities with marine expertise and advice.Transporting oil and gas products across the world's oceans.

BP Shipping began life in 1915 as the British Tanker Company Limited, carrying oil products from Persia. The oldest continuous business unit in the BP group, over the past six years it has been transformed into a centre of marine expertise within the BP group. It is recognised for that expertise in the wider shipping community.

Today we are seen as a growing, technically innovative organisation that gets the job done safely and efficiently, as well as one that constantly seeks to raise standards. We provide the logistics to move BP's oil and gas cargoes to market, as well as technical marine assurance on everything that floats in the BP group. We operate a rigorous ship-vetting and port/terminal inspection programme. And we actively support and encourage moves by the shipping industry to improve safety and environmental performance.