How we work

Chartering & Commercial Operations

The Chartering and Commercial Operations team is responsible for the commercial activities of BP Shipping including the chartering in and out of BP and third party vessels, voyage operations and commercial performance measurement. The team is made up of three global organisations:


Chartering is responsible for securing compliant and commercially competitive freight for the BP Group. The team optimises, negotiates and executes the chartering in of all spot and time chartered vessels used by BP, and the chartering out of all operated and time chartered vessels to internal BP customers or to third parties.

Voyage Operations

Voyage Operations provides operational expertise to vessels on BP and third party voyages in accordance with BP's Operations and Health, safety, security and environmental policies to optimise commercial performance while delivering operational assurance.

Commercial Support

Commercial Support manages the commercial completion of all voyages on the operated and time chartered (OTC) fleet in accordance with relevant charter parties, ensuring optimum profitability from each fixture. This includes monitoring and reporting on the commercial performance of the OTC fleet.

Marine & Technical

Marine and Technical

BP Shipping’s objective function is to provide safe, efficient, environmentally responsible marine and shipping solutions in support of the BP Group strategy. Our primary activity is risk mitigation, through the use of operated vessels and vetted time charter and spot-charter vessels.

BP Shipping is also tasked with developing internal BP Group marine capability to meet the highest industry standards in terms of safety, integrity management and operational efficiency.

BP Shipping separates its operating activity from its marine and technical capability activity. The Operations team operates the vessels whilst the Marine & Technical (M&T) team provides subject matter expertise to support the fleet on a day-to-day basis and also for project related activities such as tanker new building, shipyard safety, technology and major refurbishment, plus the provision of marine incident investigation expertise.

The M&T team also provides many forms of marine expertise into the BP Group and joint venture businesses in both operational and assurance capacities through the provision of or actual deployment of BP Shipping staff. M&T is the centre for the design and construction of all marine vessels for use within the BP Group.

M&T is a diverse, multi-discipline and talented team of professionals who are dedicated to provide the expertise to ensure that group-wide safe marine operations is integral to the success of BP.

Ethics & Compliance

We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with the standards set out in the BP ‘Our Code’.

‘Our Code’ represents our commitment to do the right thing, including respecting the rights of others This commitment includes complying with all applicable legal requirements and the high ethical standards set out in ‘Our Code’. To help us meet this commitment, ‘Our Code’ defines what BP expects of its businesses and people, regardless of their position, location or background.

All employees must follow this code. Failure to do so is taken extremely seriously and has resulted in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

For our sea staff, the BP ‘Our Code’ is distinct from the Merchant Navy code of conduct. But action may be taken under the Merchant Navy code if there is a breach of ‘Our Code’.

Speaking Up

A core objective ‘Our Code’ is to foster a culture of openness, so that anyone working for BP feels they can seek advice and highlight breaches of the code without fear of retaliation. In BP Shipping this is done by promoting BP's Open Talk* programme, and for those on-board our vessels by implementing a 'Raising Concerns' process (which includes use of Open Talk) to help identify the appropriate channels for seeking advice/raising concerns, including breaches of ‘Our Code’.

Business Partners

BP Shipping works with all business partners, including time charter vessel owners, suppliers and third party inspectors, to not only ensure that they are aware of the BP ‘Our Code’, but also to seek their co-operation in adhering to it. Where appropriate, this includes the insertion of ‘Our Code’ related clauses into business contracts. BP Shipping also holds meetings and seminars with various business partners that include ‘Our Code’ in the agenda.

*(a confidential 24 hours a day/7 days a week telephone line and e-mail facility operated by an independent company that helps businesses respond to questions and concerns about compliance and ethics).