BP Shipping 100

BP Shipping is the oldest continually operating heritage company in the BP Group, starting life as the British Tanker Company in 1915 and formed to carry products for the Anglo-Persian Oil Company

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Riding the waves


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On April 30 the business celebrated a century of dedication to carrying oil and gas for BP

The company marked this special occasion in a number of ways and issued special communications to share the rich history of those who have served the business unswervingly over the last 100 years. To ensure both historical accuracy and rich content, a team of writers, historians and former BP Shipping employees worked to chart the history of the company and its people for the past two years.

BP Shipping history book - Riding the waves

Since its formation in 1915, BP Shipping has ridden the waves of the world events - from the beginning of the Oil Age, through World Wars and global recessions and to today's technologically advanced industry. However, its core principles and Values have remained constant and seen the advent of ground-breaking safety and environmental achievements.

The history book tells not only the story of the company but of the people behind the business - the people past and present who navigated BP Shipping through a century of maritime achievement and service. Their personal stories give a unique perspective on life at sea and ashore and why BP Shipping is well placed to thrive for another 100 years. 

Mobile Application

Download our BP Shipping Centenary App - ‘Riding the Waves’ - to discover how BP built one of the world’s greatest merchant shipping fleets to transport its major oil discoveries in the Middle East and across the globe – to refineries, markets and customers  during the past 100 years.  Read about the key world events – from war to economic boom and bust – which determined the success and near failure of BP’s shipping arm.   Hear the personal stories of triumph and tragedy of those who sailed with the BP Shipping fleet – and of those ashore who changed the world shipping industry for the better.  
Over the last 100 years our business has captured some stunning imagery reflecting the essence of shipping both at sea and ashore
BP Group history is full of discoveries, starting in 1908 with oil found in a rugged part of Persia after a long and difficult search
BP Magazine looks at some of the milestones and developments over the past century, as the oldest continually-operated heritage company in the BP group celebrates its birthday