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Health and safety

Health and Safety

Safety is our number one priority.

A healthy and safe workplace is the right and responsibility of everyone in BP Shipping. We do it safely, healthily and with mitigated impact to our environment, or we don’t do it at all. Our Believe in Zero campaign means no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment and that everyone returns home healthy.


The strategy is underpinned by the BP Shipping safety leadership principles:

  • we will relentlessly pursue the ultimate objective of an injury-free workplace.
  • we will not compromise our focus on safety in order to achieve any other business objective.
  • we believe that our safety actions are most effective when we genuinely care about each other.
  • we will maintain an environment for open and transparent reporting and recognize behaviour which is consistent with our values.
  • we will hold to account those who knowingly disregard the rules.
Sea farer welding on a GEM class vessel

A sustainable safety and risk management culture

It’s our fleet delivering top quartile safety performance. It’s everyone being mindful of, and talking freely about risks, big or small and reporting any unsafe act.


Only if everyone is actively mindful of their own actions and behaviours as well as looking out for each other can we work towards our goal of an injury-free workplace. We want to encourage our teams to work together to create an environment where everyone is comfortable to speak up if they have concerns and stop the job if necessary.


Safety is inherent in the design of our vessels too. To minimise the threat of piracy, the crew accommodation and engine room structures are designed and built to make it extremely difficult for potential attackers to gain access. Some of the measures adopted include the removal of external means of access to the ship’s bridge and other decks and metal shutters to external windows. The measures taken effectively turn these structures into a ‘citadel’ or safe area for the ship’s crew to retreat to if attacked.


We complete periodic auditing of the fleet and BP Shipping offices to ensure we are fully compliant with the operating standards set through the fleet operating management system (OMS), and to verify compliance with all external bodies and certification required to maintain BP Shipping’s license to operate.