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Bird class

The ships of the BP Bird class are tankers that bear the names of birds.

The British Kestrel sailing at sea

British Kestrel

Bird class are double-hulled ‘ships equipped with a specially constructed and reinforced bow area to enable them to transit certain ice-laden waters.

At 115,000 dead weight tonnes, they are at the top of the internationally-recognized shipping group known as Aframax, which generally denotes a vessel of from 80,000 to 120,000 tonnes deadweight. Aframax, an acronym for ‘average freight rate assessment maximum’, denotes a category of efficient crude oil tankers that can economically transport a significant amount of cargo. Cargo aboard a BP Bird-class tanker typically will include either crude oil or fuel oils. 

251.5 metres 
43.8 metres 
15 metres 
113,782 tonnes - Aframax group
Top speed
15.7 knots 



  • Type: Oil tanker
  • Hull: Double hull
  • Crew: Typically totals about 25 officers and ratings
  • Class: BP Bird class
  • Propulsion: Diesel/single propeller
  • Cargo type: Crude oil or black oils




  • Operator: BP Shipping Limited
  • Classification society: Lloyds Register
  • Builder: Samsung Heavy Industries Company Limited (Korea) 
  • Vessles in fleet: British Robin and British Gannet




  • Flag: British
  • Port of registry: Douglas, Isle of Man
  • Operates: Worldwide