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Vetting and clearance

bp is committed to delivering integrated energy solutions for our customers safely and reliably. One delivery method is by sea and this operation is managed by bp shipping


Anchor chain inspection

We have a fleet of our own however a large proportion of our cargoes are carried on third party operated vessels. So how do we satisfy ourselves that regulatory, industry and bp standards are met and maintained by these vessels? 


The vetting and clearance function within bp trading and shipping is there to oversee the risk management of third party contracted marine activity for bp. The team’s focus is safe operations - working within regulatory requirements, industry standards and internal bp marine requirements. The team holds the unique authority to approve ships, owners and managers, STS providers and marine terminals for bulk transportation of hydrocarbons. The global team regionally placed offer an agile 24-hours service assessing the contractors and locations to ensure the risks to bp are understood and where safe to do so mitigated to a level to allow bp to operate. They collaborate with third party ship owners on a range of criteria, including safety inspections, management, operations, crewing and structural standards.  


The team provides innovative marine solutions and risk management expertise to support marine risk operations and support growth ambitions, new market entry and projects with a marine element or ship shore interface for bp.