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SIRE inspections

The industry-agreed Oil Companies' International Marine Forum (OCIMF) ship inspection report programme (SIRE) inspection format is used as the main ship inspection tool

Inspectors are asked to report on all vessel or operational deficiencies and to detail both positive and negative comments on the vessel's operations. Deficiencies are identified in an observations list that is left with the vessel’s master at the end of each inspection. 


Vessels with SIRE inspection findings cannot be used until all observations have been closed-out and the vessel is found suitable for bp operations by a vetting and clearance superintendent. 


All inspections carried out under the SIRE system are submitted to OCIMF SIRE database. Every SIRE report issued by a bp SIRE inspector is reviewed by a vetting and clearance superintendent prior to its release to the vessel manager via the OCIMF SIRE programme. This process ensures SIRE inspection standards are maintained and closely monitored. 


Inspections of barges and other vessel types may follow a different protocol.


Following the successful close-out of a bp SIRE inspection report by a vetting and clearance superintendent, the DOC holder will be advised. This advice does not constitute blanket approval of the vessel for bp business or for bp terminals or facilities. Vessels will be screened on each occasion they are tendered for bp business or want to call at one of our terminals or facilities. 

Pre-inspection enquiries and information on inspections already requested should be addressed to goshinsa@bp.com.

Post-inspection enquiries should be sent to the vetting and clearance superintendent in charge of that inspection report, or to vetting@bp.com.


Please apply for a sire inspection via the OCIMF portal  - www.ocimf.org and select bp shipping from the drop down list of submitting members for a bp sire inspection.