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Technical managers

Guidance on bp’s information gathering process for technical managers

In August 2021 we change the way that bp’s vetting and clearance team asks for information from technical managers about vessel inspections, incidents, and feedback. As OCIMF’s systems change, bp’s internal vetting systems also need to change. 


Instead of asking for information via email we send a link to a webform where relevant details can be added. 


The webforms are simple and easily laid out, allow for attaching supporting documentation and ensure the information aligns with the records in our system, stopping multiple requests. The forms have context help and only require the information essential for our reviews. 


We have reviewed the form with a focus group to ensure its usability. If you have any suggestions or feedback on the forms please get in touch with us using the email address clear@bp.com

Data quality: why it matters 

The smallest inaccuracies, duplication or omissions can make a difference in our data and its quality. As the industry is modernizing data, bp needs to ensure its integrity. Quality and accurate data will make a vessel’s vetting approvals faster and ultimately avoid unnecessary manual intervention to ensure a quick and timely process. 


Data quality will avoid rework and delays. Trusted data accelerates decision making. 


Best practices 

The below are an outline of best practises for updating OCIMF data forms: 

  • Accuracy: data needs to be correctly inserted
  • Completeness: no missing values 
  • Timelines: data is updated and inserted timely
  • Consistency: dimensional units, consistent spelling, all fields are populated
  • Expiry: data that changes routinely is identified for review and updating periodically


Additionally, bp uses IHS data and hopes technical managers review their vessel profiles periodically for accuracy.