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Vessel clearance

All vessels interacting with any bp asset must be approved by the bp shipping vetting teams. The vetting and clearance team supports those parts of bp that employ third party vessels for the transportation of bulk hydrocarbons cargoes by checking that those vessels meet bp’s shipping marine assurance requirements

Vetting and clearance superintendents are located in the countries where bp carries out most of its chartering activities.


Vessels are screened against the latest ship inspection report programme (SIRE) inspection carried out by bp, as well as the owner's profile, terminal and operational feedback, market intelligence, casualty data, port state control inspections and any other information held by the vetting and clearance team at that time. Depending on the circumstances, a SIRE inspection carried out by another Oil Companies' International Marine Forum (OCIMF) member company could be considered as part of the screening process.


When a vessel is proposed for bp business, unless otherwise notified, the vessel must have a current operational SIRE inspection report that is less than six months old. bp SIRE inspections will be carried out on vessels where this will provide added value and increased assurance to bp. 


bp shipping's audit and inspection team helps ensure that the vetting and clearance team have sufficient inspection data available in order to make informed vetting assessments of tankers proposed for the transportation of bp’s hydrocarbons. Based in Sunbury, with regional offices in Houston, Singapore, Melbourne and Shanghai, the team receives and processes all SIRE inspection requests submitted through this site.


The audit and inspection team manages a large core of SIRE accredited inspectors located in major shipping hubs around the globe.

Contact us

For specific queries, please contact us through the relevant questionnaires. For all other queries, the global team can be contacted at vetting@bp.com


All hard copy correspondence should be addressed to:


Global vetting & clearance manager
bp shipping Ltd
20 Canada Square
London E14 5NJ
United Kingdom