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What we do

bp trading & shipping works to transform and connect the global energy market. We use our scale, assets, expertise and our ability to integrate across commodities and carbon markets to offer energy products that meet the needs of our customers.

We draw on decades of experience optimizing energy flows and managing price risks to deliver competitive advantages to bp. We connect bp’s production facilities to markets and bring competitive advantage to bp through our supply, integration, optimization and trading activities and by adding value through the deals we strike.

We work with a range of products across our trading & shipping operations, from traditional hydrocarbons like crude, refined products, petrochemicals, and natural gas, to lower carbon products, including biofuels, biogas and power, including renewable power. We also participate in environmental product trading and financial energy derivatives.

We use our distinctive capabilities to support bp’s decarbonization goals and net zero ambition. We expect oil and gas to remain a significant part of the energy system for many years to come. Most of bp’s earnings currently come from oil and gas, and in turn supports our investment in our lower carbon and other transition businesses.

At the same time, we are transforming the way energy moves around the globe. Our state-of-the-art partnership class LNG vessels use cutting edge technology, reduce carbon emissions and help us reach new markets across the globe. 

We have a long history of contributing to shared improvements in safety, standards and emissions. Our experience and expertise have helped the US, EU and now China to design and set up energy systems, including carbon trading schemes. 

We are bp trading & shipping

Fueled by our world-class insight and expertise, we relentlessly pursue commercial opportunities in a time of constant change and possibility. 

Always striving for more innovative digital solutions, sustainable outcomes and closer collaboration across bp and beyond, we continue to grow as the world’s leading energy marketers, operators and traders. We will achieve this through: 

  • developing and continuously evolving a globally diversified portfolio that accesses new markets, commodities and commercial opportunities
  • collaborating with the business groups to provide innovative commercial marine solutions that add value to bp’s assets and flows 
  • delivering high-quality earnings and creating an organization that is swift to identify and optimize market insights 
  • navigating a new era of energy for our planet by sea 
  • acting at all times with respect and integrity with the people we work with and the markets we operate in 
  • a comprehensive, rigorous and holistic risk control framework that ensures we operate at all times in a safe, compliant and efficient way
  • the deep expertise and leadership of our people