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What we do

bp trading and shipping work to transform and connect the global energy market, offering our customers an integrated and innovative approach to energy. We work across value chains, drawing together bp's capabilities to optimize energy systems

Our understanding and depth of expertise is industry leading – we know the global energy and carbon systems inside-out. We work with a range of products across our trading and shipping operations, including hydrocarbons, natural gas, LNG, biofuels, chemicals, power, emissions, and financial products. Our experience and expertise have helped the US, EU and now China to design and set up energy systems, including carbon trading schemes. 


Inspiring customers is at the core of what our trading and shipping operations do. As we reimagine energy at bp, we see it as our responsibility to help our customers transition to a low carbon economy. As industry leaders in risk management, deal structuring, geographic reach, asset flexibility, analytics and digital capabilities, we are delivering integrated energy solutions for our customers that are reliable, affordable and more sustainable all the time. 

Our purpose

Fueled by our world-class insight and expertise, we relentlessly pursue commercial opportunities in a time of constant change and possibility. Always striving for more innovative digital solutions, sustainable outcomes and closer collaboration across bp and beyond, we continue to grow as the world’s leading energy marketers, operators and traders. We will achieve this through: 

  • developing and continuously evolving a globally diversified portfolio that accesses new markets, commodities and commercial opportunities 
  • collaborating with the business groups to provide innovative commercial marine solutions that add value to bp’s assets and flows 
  • delivering high-quality earnings and creating an organization that is swift to identify and optimize market insights 
  • navigating a new era of energy for our planet by sea 
  • acting at all times with respect and integrity with the people we work with and the markets we operate in 
  • a comprehensive, rigorous and holistic risk control framework that ensures we operate at all times in a safe, compliant and efficient way 
  • the deep expertise and leadership of our people


In T&S, bp has one of the world’s most developed commodity trading businesses. Its distinctive expertise in trading, optimizing flows and managing price risk creates valuable customer solutions as well as creating competitive advantage for bp as we decarbonize our business.Carol HowleEVP, T&S