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Crude and refined products

We source barrels of oil from throughout the globe and have unparalleled access to bp’s global assets. Through our network we also source barrels from other producers, which provides us with access to all the key crude grades
Juniper Platform

We offer deep expertise in trading oil. bp’s experienced team of marketers, traders, logistics staff and analysts, offers a global perspective with local expertise to help identify and manage through changing market dynamics. 


bp’s refined products trading business is organized by key product lines: 

  • Global crude - trades all the different crude oil grades
  • Global distillates - trades both distillates (jet, kerosene, gasoil, diesel and distillate components) and residuals, including residual fuels and refinery feeds, namely mainly HSFO (high sulphur Fuel Oil), LSFO (low sulphur fuel oil), atmospheric residuals and VGO (vacuum gasoil)
  • The global lights team that trades LPG, naphtha and the numerous gasoline grades and components


bp trades four billion barrels of crude annually, equivalent to 20% of the global traded volume of crude, enough to fuel 106 million car trips around the equator. 


Our offer

At bp, we use our expertise and capabilities to: 

  • Leverage our global assets to help producers maximize value and raise capital in exchange for physical flows of hydrocarbons through marketing and offtake contracts
  • Create innovative structures for customers – physical, risk management and financing
  • Provide tailor made solutions working in the M&A space supporting: 
  • Start-ups with projects that require acquisition financing
  • Established producers to develop greenfield assets
  • Build long-term partnerships