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Marine fuels

bp marine's commitment to our customers is simple: to safely and consistently deliver quality marine fuels with outstanding levels of service throughout our network of strategically based ports.
Aerial top view Tugboat drag Oil ship tanker from refinery dock for load/unload for transportation oil from refinery on the sea.

Our strength in global trading offers unrivalled levels of supply security and cost-effective products throughout bp’s globally diverse portfolio of ports. 

Through continuous investment in infrastructure, the upgrading of existing supply locations, investment in new key bunker locations, and the extensive range of marine fuel products available, bp can provide our customers with the best solutions to meet their energy needs – today and in the future.  


Delivering on-specification products to our customers, in full and on time, and consistently throughout our port network, is at the core of our business. We conduct stringent product testing during the manufacturing and delivery process to meet our ISO requirements.


bp marine provides customers with a powerful problem-solving force through our experienced and dedicated technical team. The technical team acts as a focal point for sharing best practice around the world and monitors the operational standards within the bp marine fuels business.  

We also play an influential role in the international bunker fuels industry, supporting legislative bodies and engine builders as well as conducting numerous programs within bp’s global research centre. 


We are one of the participants working to lead the shipping industry towards net zero shipping by researching and developing new ways to adopt a range of biofuels and exploring the potential for other lower carbon alternatives, including hydrogen, methanol and ammonia-based fuel.