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European power

Our European power team represents bp in the power and European emissions markets. We offer a range of integrated services and innovative products to meet the needs of generation and end-use customers, including data centres, manufacturing and industrial plants, renewable and flexible generation, EVs and utilities.
Gas and power

European power is a key part of bp’s trading & shipping business. Our team combines international expertise with a deep knowledge of the European markets to manage the supply and demand balance across bp’s growing portfolio.  This includes offtaking power in the form of power purchase agreements (PPA), optimizing and managing the risks to enable the provision of clean energy solutions to meet our customers’ individual needs.  


We understand the dynamics of energy markets where we work and use our extensive knowledge and insights to create value for customers, drive energy efficiency and progress sustainability across the load profile.  

Our team has expertise in energy price risk management, financial trading and physical markets to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers. These include power offtaking, price risk hedging, financial structures as well as risk management options incorporated into supply and purchase arrangements. 


In a complex and sophisticated market, our extensive portfolio delivers the solutions our customers are looking for. We are active throughout Europe, allowing us to meet the diverse needs of both generators and consumers. Our main trading office is in Canary Wharf, London, with a sales and marketing office in Madrid, Spain.


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