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bp shipping moves energy across the world with innovative and agile marine solutions. Our reach and scale of operations make bp one of the world’s leading energy shipping companies

We are rising to the dual challenge of meeting society’s need for more energy, while at the same time reducing carbon emissions. As bp reimagines the energy system and moves to be a net zero company by 2050, or sooner, we are committed to transforming our own marine activity to reduce emissions and offering these solutions to our bp marine customer base. 

As one of the world’s leading and most innovative liquified natural gas (LNG) suppliers we have a vital role in the complex job of transporting LNG to consumers. Our state-of-the-art Partner class LNG will enable us to meet substantial growth in demand for LNG in established markets such as India, China, the US and Australia, coupled with the arrival of new consumer markets, such as Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt and Bangladesh. 


bp shipping completes around 6,000 voyages every year and managing risk is core to what we do. We provide safe and compliant vessels for the transportation of bp’s energy products, using both bp operated and third-party vessels which have been approved for bp use in accordance with our stringent health and safety, and quality assurance standards. 


For more than 100 years we have helped shape the shipping industry and we will continue to do so in a safe, reliable way as we help our customers deliver their sustainability goals and support bp’s ambition to help the world move to net zero. 


As the oldest continuous business unit in bp, we draw on our breadth of expertise, our depth of innovation and our long experience. We are developing and deploying technology solutions that build on our unique legacy and are shaping the future of the industry. Together with our trading business, we are delivering the best solutions to customers and helping bp reimagine the energy system.Lambros KlaoudatosSVP, shipping