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Our fleet

At bp, our fleet is central to our mission to connect the global energy market. Our vessels are among the most technologically advanced in the world and among the most fuel efficient for their size and power. This allows us to safely transport energy and support the transition to a lower carbon future.

Our operated fleet consists of state-of-the-art LNG vessels, ("partnership" class), and a medium range ‘Handysize’ tankers, ("mariner class"). 


Partnership class vessels have a capacity of 173,400 cubic metres and are the largest LNG vessels operated by bp. As such, they will play an important role in meeting the growing demand for LNG in both established and new consumer markets. bp is currently working to equip all our partnership class vessels with methane monitoring equipment to improve how we identify and quantify actual methane emissions in real time. 

Named in honour of mariners, seafarers, engineers, officers, and cadets in bp shipping’s proud history, the mariner class vessels are set to play a pivotal role in bp’s future as the company transitions to an integrated energy company (IEC). At 45,999 tonnes deadweight, but with a large cubic capacity optimized for key bp trades, these vessels have the flexibility to adapt to multiple worldwide trades.  

Our ships are constantly being updated with the latest products, such as advanced hull coating to enhance anti-fouling properties, hub vortex reduction devices to improve the efficiency of the vessels and a ‘mewis duct’, an energy efficiency device that reduces fuel consumption.