Gas and power

Around the globe, BP is involved in the entire gas value chain, from supplying upstream gas to liquefaction facilities, through transportation and storage to regasification and marketing.

We are the leading natural gas marketer in North America, and we have a pan-European presence in gas in addition to a leading global LNG portfolio. We also market and trade wholesale physical and financial power to manage BP’s own requirements, and to support third-party customers.

North America

As a global oil and gas company, BP has in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the gas and power value chain, spanning from production, acquisition, and transportation to utilization, optimization and arbitrage.

Our web of assets includes oil and gas wells, refineries, pipelines, storage locations, and export facilities across North America. This physical expertise combines with financial strength and hedging knowledge to enable us to offer long-term agreements, cross-commodity solutions, risk management products, and reliable physical supply.


Our European gas and power team represent BP in the gas and power markets, providing a route to market for European Upstream equity gas. From this heritage, we have built an extensive platform to serve the needs of our customers. 

We offer a range of integrated services and innovative products to meet the needs of producers, utilities and consumers. These include production off-take, price risk hedging, capital raising as well as risk management options incorporated into supply and purchase arrangements. 

We combine international expertise with deep knowledge of the European markets and have a track record of working with diverse participants, including governments, majors, utilities, retailers and large consumers.


BP’s supply and trading business is an active participant in the LNG trade in Asia and the Middle East.  We are a leading buyer and seller of spot cargoes, with a focus on responsiveness and the introduction of new products. And we have significant term sales contracts with valued customers across the region, including in China, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Singapore and Taiwan.  We also have term supply from Australia. 

Operating out of Singapore as part of BP’s global LNG book, BP’s LNG business in Asia is working to apply its suite of trading, operational and business development skills for the benefit of its customers and shareholders.

As well as interests in upstream projects in the region, BP also has a 30% shareholding in Guangdong Dapeng LNG Terminal, the first LNG terminal in China.


BP is a recognized global LNG player with an extensive portfolio, and significant LNG marketing and trading capabilities across the globe. Our LNG portfolio includes a mix of long-term equity projects and mid-term and spot purchases. 

We bring innovative commercial solutions – such as pricing, contracts and trading - to the benefit of our customers and stakeholders. Our balance between long, mid and short-term supply enables us to best meet our customers’ needs in a highly dynamic market.