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BP in Mexico

Mexico is a key global energy market with significant potential across many energy sources.  The International Energy Agency states that Mexican energy reform is the most ambitious energy system transformation worldwide in recent years.  We agree.  BP is helping  realize value across the energy value chain.

BP participated in the country’s first, historic deepwater tender (December 2016), winning two exploration blocks in the southeast Salina basin with our consortium partners.

BP opened its first gasoline filling station in Mexico City in March 2017, becoming the first global integrated oil and gas company to help initiate a new era of consumer choice.  BP expects to open 1,500 BP-branded stations over the next five years throughout Mexico.

Castrol has been in Mexico for 50 years and is a market leader in the premium lubricants market.

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Helping Energy Reform Work for Mexico - English

Published in English in 2015

BP Energia Mexico

Gas Marketing

BP Energía Mexico has established an office in Mexico City and in September 2016 received its Hydrocarbon Marketing Permit  from the Comisión Reguladora de Energía (CRE).

In the US and Canada, BP is the leading natural gas marketer and has earned a reputation for reliable supply and dependability.  Through BP Energía México, BP is introducing this expertise to Mexico.

The Centro Nacional de Control de Gas (CENAGAS) awarded two contracts to BP Energía  Mexico in the nation’s first natural gas pipeline capacity auction in February 2017.  BP was awarded 190,000 mmbtu/d on the EFM-Nueces pipeline and 10,000 mmbtu/d capacity on the DCP-Gulf Plais pipeline.

To inquire about natural gas in Mexico, contact Pedro Elio:

Power Marketing

BP markets and trades wholesale physical and financial power to manage BP’s own requirements and to support third-party customers.  In the United States, BP bridges  the gap between generation and load, creating opportunities for customer to experience better service and more creative products.

BP’s  marketing and trading is backed by BP’s strong balance sheet and credit rating. 

As of October 5, 2017 BP Energia Mexico’s (BPEM) application to be registered as a power marketer (Comercializador no Suministrador) in Mexico was approved by Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE). This registration will allow BPEM to participate in Mexico’s wholesale power market.

To inquire about electricity in Mexico, please contact