We bridge the gap between generators and consumers, allowing customers to benefit from our diverse suite of product offerings and efficient risk clearing capability, all backed by the financial strength of one of the world's leading energy companies.

BP's electricity marketing and trading organization is a major participant in the U.S. wholesale power market and conducts business with investor-owned utilities, municipalities, cooperatives, generation asset owners, retail energy providers and some of the world's largest private equity firms. Our focus is on meeting the needs of our customers with our broad range of resources and capabilities that serve all sectors of the wholesale power markets, including:
  • New build natural gas-fired generation facilities
  • Renewable energy projects in wind, solar and hydro
  • Generation fleets
  • Retail energy providers
  • Supply arrangements for electric utilities to meet their customers' changing needs

BP is growing its North American power business with a focus on where customer opportunities align with our internal strengths. Our strategic intent bridges the gap between generation and load, creating opportunities for you to experience better service and more creative products.