Green power solutions

More corporations are focusing on renewable goals for their power procurement needs. Wholesale markets and greenfield development offer limited supply options that often do not match the specific needs of retail customers. Achieving your environmental goals without paying a premium or accepting unnecessary risk is possible.

Whether you have a long-term PPA in place, or have a new zero carbon power goal, we can help customize market products that match your specific needs and reduce risk (hourly shape, congestion, outages, etc.) associated with any aspect of renewable power within a power portfolio.
We can develop and integrate a suite of renewables products with traditional supply to help address your needs for volume, risk, tenor and cost.

Product/structures examples:

Zero Carbon

We can create a bundled solution that incorporates zero carbon resources to deliver around the clock, zero carbon power.

Load Shape Solutions

For customers who have purchased variable wind or solar generation, BP can take the variable generation and provide an on-peak, base load or fixed shape power product tailored to meet your actual load shape and delivery location requirements.

Development and RECs

Our understanding of wind power development and our experience in tradable instruments such as RECs sets us apart with unique capabilities:
  • trade RECs from sources including solar, wind and BP’s portfolio of wind projects in ERCOT (delivery point can be the bus bar of the facility or a REC trading system)
  • work closely with third party renewable developers to sell power and RECs from renewable projects across the US (existing and in development)
  • match a customer’s needs with project output by absorbing excess energy or delivering any energy shortfall
  • provide shape swaps from a project node to trading hubs to better match needs
  • offer physical power at a trading hub based on a specific load profile and provide RECs from a specific renewable project
  • exchange one vintage of RECs for another vintage across multiple regions to meet your needs across the U.S.