Physical operations

Our dedicated team of real-time schedulers work around-the-clock to ensure the reliable offtake and delivery of power. In 2013, we scheduled more than 164 million MWh of power. We have the resources necessary to react immediately in the event of disruption.

Our capabilities include

  • Ensure uninterrupted delivery through our 7x24 real time desk.
  • Monitor and control generation, fuel and system frequency to maintain system integrity.
  • Analyze Energy Management System (EMS) data to verify accuracy, anticipate changes and mitigate emergent conditions in the market.
  • Coordinate system operations with ISO/RTO operators to ensure a safe and reliable power system.
  • Analyze system conditions, including load forecasts, unit commitment, weather reports, bilateral transactions, and market conditions, to coordinate any solutions or operational adjustments necessary to provide a safe, economic and secure generation system.

Our ISO/RTO coordination team

  • Assists with the management of generation from power assets and load for retail electric providers.
  • Participates in ISO/RTO load auctions and manages any awarded load.
  • Has strong relationships with all of the ISO/RTOs.
  • Provides expert knowledge of a variety of power products including physical power, financial power, congestion rights and capacity.
  • Stays tuned into all ISO/RTO functions to keep up with any rule changes and/or market initiatives that may impact our services or our customers.