Power marketing & origination

We’ve built one of the most experienced power marketing and origination teams in the energy marketplace with the breadth, scope and sophistication necessary to deliver better informed solutions and full-service products to a comprehensive group of customers, including utilities, municipalities, cooperatives, generation companies and financial institutions.

Power marketing & origination capabilities

  • Asset-driven expertise – BP markets and trades wholesale physical and financial power with demonstrated expertise to manage BP’s own requirements and support third-party power customers.
  • Financial strength – Backed by BP’s robust balance sheet, we have a substantial credit appetite and can structure creative hedging solutions that meet the fuel, power and credit needs of our power customers.
  • Strong power footprint – Deep knowledge of the transmission grid across various markets, which enable the scheduling and optimizing of thousands of MWs of proprietary and third-party solar, gas and wind power generation.
  • Expansive presence – Transact across every North American ISO and are expanding our capabilities into smaller regional power markets.
  • Proven leadership – Ranked among the top 20* wholesale and retail power marketers with scheduled volumes of power for BP and retail energy providers that exceeds 3500 MWs. We are among the top 5 of all non-utility participants!

Power marketing & origination services

We deliver solutions in all 8 ISOs across the US and Canada.  We offer fully-integrated, cross-commodity services with the ability to supply fuel, purchase generation, hedge risk, and manage emissions. This includes:
  • Energy management agreements.
  • Tolling arrangements.
  • ISO management.
  • Emission management.
  • 24/7 transmission scheduling.
  • Power purchase agreements.
  • Power supply agreements.
  • Gas-power exchange.
  • Credit facilitation.
  • Regulatory insight.
  • Hedging wind, solar and hydro renewable exposure.
  • Customized delivery scheduled, including hourly load-shaping products.
  • Heat rate options, physical and financial.
  • Short and long-term fixed price energy sales.
  • Other price/risk management products.