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bp Azerbaijan joins plastic waste reduction efforts in the Caspian

Release date:
9 August 2021
bp Azerbaijan has joined the ‘Cleaning Riverine Plastic from a Transboundary Inflow to the Caspian’ (CRIPTIC) project working in collaboration with the Azerbaijan Geographical Society and the Caspian Integrated Scientific Network. As part of this support, bp sponsored the first fieldwork which took place in the project pilot zone located in the Neftchala district on 8 August 2021.

The CRIPTIC project aims to build capacity in the region to reduce plastic litter to the Caspian Sea. It will combine a range of advanced digital methods along with an educational programme and citizen science to engage local stakeholders in plastic mapping and clean-up activities. The project considers the transboundary Kura river mouth and the adjacent coastal area as the pilot zone for mapping, identification and cleaning of plastic waste. 

The CRIPTIC project provides a good opportunity for bp to join the local organizations’ efforts to manage environmental issues helping create sustainable benefits for the people of the region. We believe such activities echo with our sustainability frame aiming to improve people’s lives and take care for our planet. 

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