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At the bp site in Ghent a wide variety of lubricants is blended and bottled

Castrol was acquired by bp in 2002. With 115 years of experience in the production of premium lubricants, the company has always been at the cutting edge of lubricant technology. Its products are used in various markets such as automotive, industry, shipping, and aviation. The Belgium Lubes Plant in Ghent takes full advantage of this experience. 


We are producing 170 million litres of high-quality lubricants every year, across 180 different formulations. Approximately 90% of these lubricants are engine oils for the automotive, truck and agricultural industries. Industrial oils, e.g., for the turbines of electricity companies, account for 5% of our production. Engine fluids, such as auto transmission fluids, make up the remaining 5%. 


Based on our reputable knowledge and experience, we have been able to establish long-term partnerships with leading manufacturers as well as with dealerships and the retail trade. These leading car manufacturers are major international organizations and include car makes such as Ford, Jaguar, McLaren, Audi, and Volkswagen, which work with Castrol for the development, manufacture, and supply of their lubricants. The main Castrol branded products for this segment are Edge, Magnatec, and GTX for the automotive market and Vecton for the transport sector, heavy applications, and agriculture. We also produce oils for industry, and automotive driveline fluids for gearboxes and differentials in passenger cars. Every day, our workforce of 200 employees ensures that the production process runs smoothly and correctly, contributing to our growing success and helping us to maintain our good reputation.