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BPTT has partnered with the Rose Foundation to assist non-profit and community-based organisations within the Rose Foundation’s network, to weather the short and long term impact of the coronavirus contagion by providing support where it’s needed most.


Eligibility Criteria

Non-Profit Organisations


  • Registered non-governmental and community-based organisations (NGOs and CBOs).
  • Project proposals should contain a budget, target audience and expected impact of the project along with evidence of being a registered entity.
  • Proposals must be specific, including but not limited to:

Projects that support food distribution.
Projects that support low-income households and individuals who are unemployed and need medication and other necessities.
Projects that support people who are institutionalized for example orphans, homeless, abused etc.

Projects that support the elderly including persons providing care for the elderly or disabled at home.


  • Projects must be ongoing and/or start within 5 days of receipt of the grant.
  • Grants will be given only for items that are purchased after the receipt of the grant.
  • Grants MUST be used solely for the purpose for which they are intended.

Self-employed and micro enterprises

Self-employed individuals and owners of micro enterprises are encouraged to apply if you are the provider of services to residential institutions (e.g. elderly and children’s homes etc.), food and catering services, and transportation.

For more information please contact:


The Rose Foundation

(868) 470-6827