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Local supplier database - frequently asked questions


1.   When I complete my form does this mean I am registered to do business with bpTT?


No, submitting your information does not mean that you are registered to do business with bpTT.  This database is for sharing of your company information with bpTT.


No information submitted into this portal or any response from bpTT shall constitute an offer to sell, an invitation to purchase or tender for, any works, goods or services or form the basis of any contract. By accessing this portal, you agree that this is wholly voluntary and you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions detailed herein. If you do not wish to be bound by
these terms and conditions you should not access or use this portal.


2.   What should I do if I don’t receive my code?


If you do not receive your code within 24 hours, please try again.  If the problem persists, please send an email  to ShareWithBPTT@bp.com with subject ‘Help needed: verification code’


3.   What should I do if I misplace or forget my login code?


Please refer to item 2 above: please send an email to ShareWithBPTT@bp.com with subject ‘Help needed: verification code’


4.   When will I be contacted after my submission?


This database is for sharing of your company information with bpTT only.  A system generated email will be sent to you confirming your information has been submitted into the bpTT Supplier Information
Database.  The information in this database will be used as needed and when categories of services are being tendered, this varies by category


5.   I am unable to upload my documents.


Please note that all uploaded documents file names must be formatted as Company_Document Name. Any documents uploaded that do not comply with this format will not be considered.  Additionally, please check your document type and size, all documents must be either .doc .xls .pdf .jpeg and no larger than 5GB.


6.   If there are changes to my organization can I use the same login code to update info?


For data security our verification codes expire after 72 hours, should there be organization changes please resubmit your information and put ‘UPDATE’ at the end of your company name or legal company name.


7.   Who should I contact if more information is required?


Please send an email to our main inbox ShareWithBPTT@bp.com, note however that this email inbox is not monitored and there will be a delay in response.  As an alternative, you can also email is bptt@bp.com if no response is received within 5 working days.


8.   Is there a deadline for my submissions?


No there isn’t any deadlines unless specified. This database is for sharing of your company information with bpTT at
any point in time.


9.   How secure is my data submitted?


Transmission of your data from the web is secured using certificates, safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent, preventing unauthorized persons from accessing and modifying information transferred.


10. Can I come to your company and do a demo or presentation to PSCM and the technical team? 


You can send an electronic copy of your company profile for our records and references via our Supplier Database at ShareWithBPTT@bp.com. Should we need a demonstration of your product or require a formal presentation, we will reach out to you accordingly.