Everything we do depends on the safety of our operations, our workforce and the communities around us

Our progress in 2014

What we said we would do Where we are today
Continue to use the performance improvement cycle to align business practices with our operating management system (OMS) 18 sites were part of our ‘exemplar’ continuous improvement programme in 2014
Further develop the self verification capability of operations to carry out health, safety, security and environment checks Handbook issued to site managers in our upstream operations to assist them in carrying out self verification
Maintain our progress towards completing the remaining  recommendations from BP’s investigation into the Deepwater Horizon accident, the Bly Report 25 of 26 recommendations from the Bly Report completed

What we plan to do next
Enhance our ‘OMS academy’ programmes, which support operating leaders in their safety leadership
Execute a planned programme of safety and operational risk-based assurance
Complete the final Bly Report recommendation on testing revised standards for well control and monitoring

In this section

Members of the BP board visiting Whiting refinery in the US

Managing safety

Safety is our top priority­-driven by our leadership and applied through our operating management system

Drill crew 'rigging down' the diverter on the Byford Dolphin drilling rig, North Sea

Safer drilling

Our drilling procedures underpin our efforts to prevent incidents and mitigate impacts should they occur

Colleagues at the BP Zhuhai Chemical Plant in China

Safety in our downstream business

Innovative technology and robust risk management helps keep our downstream activities safe

A safety expert fits breathing apparatus to a colleague during training, Kwinana refinery, Australia

Health and personal safety

We take the welfare of our staff seriously and strive to create and maintain safe and healthy working environments

Personnel wash an aircraft prior to nightly maintenance, Houma Heliport, Louisiana, US

Transportation safety

We work to minimize the risk associated with transporting our people and equipment, and delivering fuel to our customers

Thunder Horse platform in the Gulf of Mexico, US

Bly report recommendations

Our progress on implementing the recommendations from our internal investigation into the Deepwater Horizon accident

Data analysis

HSE charting tool

HSE charting tool

Featured case studies

Land Cruiser drives towards drilling rig site in the Khazzan gas field, Oman

Driving safely in Oman

An aerial view of the Lisburne Production Center in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Drones to monitor safety