Everything we do depends on the safety of our operations, our workforce and the communities around us

Our progress in 2014

What we said we would do

  • Continue to use the performance improvement cycle to align business practices with our operating management system (OMS)
  • Further develop the self verification capability of operations to carry out health, safety, security and environment checks
  • Maintain our progress towards completing the remaining recommendations from BP’s investigation into the Deepwater Horizon accident, the Bly Report

Where we are today

  • 18 sites were part of our ‘exemplar’ continuous improvement programme in 2014
  • Handbook issued to site managers in our upstream operations to assist them in carrying out self verification
  • 25 of 26 recommendations from the Bly Report completed

What we plan to do next

  • Enhance our ‘OMS academy’ programmes, which support operating leaders in their safety leadership
  • Execute a planned programme of safety and operational risk-based assurance
  • Complete the final Bly Report recommendation on testing revised standards for well control and monitoring

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