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Gas Americas

Natural gas has a key role to play in getting the world to net zero, now and for decades to come. No other energy marketer in North America buys and sells as much natural gas as bp.  
The Trading Floor in BP Helios Plaza, Houston, TX

bp has  been a leader in the Platts’ North American Gas Marketers rankings since 2002, with  more than 3,500 wholesale customers depending on us for reliable delivery every day.   


Our expertise in physical markets is backed by a vast network of assets. This combined with our risk management capabilities, means we can offer reliable physical supply, long-term agreements, cross-commodity solutions and risk mitigation products.   

Our natural gas business represents an important part of bp’s broader strategy to advance the energy transition. In addition to natural gas, we are a leading supplier of renewable natural gas (RNG), or ‘biogas’, to the US transportation sector. We have the necessary capabilities to work on projects that reduce and/or store greenhouse gases and generate environmental credits for use in carbon markets. 


We add value through our strong producer and consumer relationships, scheduling and transportation knowledge and financial tools. Customers benefit from our market knowledge, trading platforms, flexible contract terms and credit options. 


From wellhead to burner tip, our solutions include a wide variety of tools and products. 

  • Full requirements physical supply and balancing  
  • Asset management agreements  
  • Reliable takeaway capabilities  
  • Interstate pipeline capacity management  
  • Supply basin diversity  
  • Innovative pricing strategies  
  • Pipeline balancing  
  • Storage services  
  • Creative structured products across multiple commodities  
  • Nomination and scheduling
  • Carbon products 
In addition to gas marketing, our dedicated power, NGL, oil, and structured solutions teams can support your business strategy and risk appetite. Let us manage your portfolio to see the benefits that come with decades of experience in competitive markets. 


mybpenergy is a new online portal, currently available to a select number of invited European gas and power customers.  


mybpenergy provides customers with access to live and historic prices for future contracts across a range of commodities (gas, power, coal and emissions). It also features spot auction prices for power along with FX and brent futures. 


Alongside the market data, customers can access their post trade documentation (invoices, confirms and contracts) as well as review and submit their nominations. Access to news and other content from bp is also available. 


For more information, contact your bp account manager or email mybpenergy@bp.com. 

bp in México

Building on our reputation and expertise in North America, we have expanded to the local Mexican market through bp Energía México (bpEM). Since February 2017, bp has participated in capacity auctions (the nation’s first) on EFM-Nueces pipeline and DCP-Gulf Plais pipeline.   


To inquire about natural gas in Mexico, contact us.