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Power Americas

Power Americas delivers sustained value and supports lower carbon ambitions. By working with colleagues in fuels and renewables, we represent a convergence point for many commodities
high voltage post.High-voltage tower sky background.

Our customer focused approach is central to conducting business across the full length of the power value chain. Power Americas is a top power marketer (Platts) and a leading marketer of Renewable Energy Credits in the US Our goal is to grow renewable generation capacity tenfold by 2030. To support this, we link power generation assets with a wider market, leveraging the traded markets to manage risk and create innovative commercial structures.  


This allows us to:

  • supply natural gas (renewable and non-renewable) 
  • integrate asset management and optimization 
  • manage logistics, storage and flow assurance 
  • offer risk management services 


Our physical expertise combined with our financial strength and hedging knowledge allows us to offer reliable supply, long-term agreements, cross-commodity solutions and risk management products. 


We have a wide customer base, including hundreds of cities who trust us to meet their gas and power needs. Whether you are a customer securing a purchase price to ensure a stable cash flow or a power generator seeking to purchase gas and sell your power, our cross-commodity and hedging capabilities make us a single source for both physical and financial solutions.  

bp in Brazil

Building on our reputation and expertise in North America, we have expanded to the Brazilian market. bp is registered and has market authorization from both ANEEL (Agencia Nacional de Energia Electrica) and CCEE (Camara de Comercializacao de Energia de Eletrica) to trade and market power directly to third party customers and utilities. We provide products and risk management services to customers across the value chain from generators to end use commercial and industrial customers. 



Contact: comercial.energia@bp.com