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Energas NGL



Gas engine lubricant

Energas NGL is a mineral based SAE 40 low ash gas engine lubricant.



Energas NGL is formulated primarily for spark ignition natural gas engines where a low ash formulation is specified and where the gas is largely free from aggressive components i.e. halogens and hydrogen sulphide. The detergent/dispersant additive system has been designed to control deposit formation and improve oxidation characteristics whilst offering excellent corrosion control and TBN retention.


  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability leads to longer oil life and extends drain intervals. This reduces maintenance costs and down time.
  • Provides good resistance to acid corrosion.
  • Reduces deposits & maintains engine cleanliness.
  • Excellent anti-wear characteristics provide outstanding protection against piston, cylinder wear and scuffing.
  • Deutz Jenbacher - engine types 2, 3 & 6 – fuel gas classes A, B & C ( TI 1106-1109)
  • Jenbacher - engine type 4 - fuel gas classes A & B ( TI 1106-1109)
  • Rolls Royce Ulstein (applications with separate lubrication for turbochargers)
  • Wärtsilä 175SG, 220SG, 25SG, 28SG and 34SG
  • Wärtsilä 32DF and 50DF dual fuel engines running predominantly on natural gas
Product performance claims

Energas NGL meets the requirements of/suitable for use in:

Perkins, Ruston, Caterpillar & Waukesha (normal coolant temperature installations)