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Energol HLP-HM range



Anti-wear hydraulic oil

The Energol™ HLP-HM hydraulic oil range is based upon highly refined mineral oil enhanced with a stabilised zinc additive system.



Energol HLP-HM has been specially formulated to provide good anti-wear and thermal stability performance using the very latest additive technology. The careful blend of additives with a high-quality base stock ensures that Energol HLP-HM has excellent hydrolytic and oxidative stability while exhibiting a minimal tendency to produce sludge and deposits. In addition, Energol HLP-HM provides corrosion protection to ferrous and yellow metal components found within a hydraulic system. This range is designed for use in industrial hydraulic systems which require anti-wear protection. It is also suitable for other duties in which lubricants of high oxidation stability and lubrication performance are required, such as lightly loaded gears, variable speed units and bearings.


 The Energol HLP-HM range is fully compatible with elastomer materials commonly used for static and dynamic seals, such as nitrile, silicone and fluorinated (e.g. Viton) polymers.


  • Good thermal and oxidative stability leads to longer operating life, reduction in lubricant costs and minimises deposit formation giving a cleaner system.
  • Excellent anti-wear performance gives wear protection and reduces downtime from unscheduled maintenance.
  • Good filterability characteristics (even in the presence of water), enables cost savings to be made from increased filter life and reduced maintenance.
  • Excellent water separation and hydrolytic stability means reduced down time through prolonged lubricant life and increased equipment reliability.


Product performance claims


Energol HLP-HM grades meet the requirements (for appropriate viscosity grade) of:

  • DIN 51502 classification – HLP
  • ISO 6743/4 – Hydraulic Oils Type HM
  • DIN 51524 Part 2
  • Cincinnati Lamb (Milacron) P 68-69-70
  • Denison (Parker Hannafin) HF-0
  • US Steel 126 & 127
  • Eaton (formerly Vickers) I-286-S & M-2950-S
  • Bosch Rexroth RE90220