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Energol RD-E



Rock drill oils

Energol RD-E oils are formulated to lubricate pneumatically powered rock drilling machines, as well as the rotation gears of hydraulically powered machines. Available in ISO viscosity grades 100 and 320. The BP Energol RD-E range contains load carrying and tackiness additives to give excellent lubricating properties and provide a tenacious coating to protect against corrosion. In addition, they possess good emulsifying properties.



The Energol RD-E range satisfy the requirements of the major manufacturers of pneumatically powered rock drilling machines, including all pneumatic rock-drill applications where the condensation of water requires an emulsifying oil. However, they may be used in applications where emulsification is not required. They are suitable for use on hydraulically powered machines to provide a tenacious lubricating, anti-corrosion film on the rotation gears. Applications include tunnelling, bolting, deep hole drilling, drill and blast, hand held air-leg and multi-boom “jumbos”.


  • Excellent adhesion to metals
  • Good load carrying ability
  • Provide essential anti-rust performance
  • Good emulsifying properties
  • Wide applications as emulsion or neat oil
  • Will provide protection to rotating gears on hydraulically powered machines