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English language course for Georgian media initiated by bp continues successfully

The English language course for the representatives of the Georgian media funded by bp was launched a decade ago and has helped more than 500 journalists to advance their careers.The course participants are selected from a wide range of media sources, ranging from prominent news outlets to small online regional agencies.  This year certificate award ceremony was help on 8 May. 60 participants has improved their English while studying on the British Council’s unique MyClass platform. This format allows the journalists a maximum flexibility while scheduling their courses / lessons.  

at Tbilisi National park

bp supports Caucasus Red Deer restoration project 

Agency for the proteced areas and the Center for consultancy and training signed memorundum of understanding to assess feasibility of re-establishment of Caucasian Red Deer in Tbilisi National Park as a key area for the species long-term survival in Georgia and design of Red Deer restoration plan.

Overall goal of the project is the rewilding forest of Tbilisi National Park through bringing back the critically endangered Caucasian Red Deer (Cervus elaphus maral) by translocation from other Georgian population and ensure species long-term survival.

bp support Caucasus red deer restoration
One unwavering priority for us has always been contributing to the sustainable development of the countries where we operate – being a good corporate citizen. While in Georgia, I was happy to attend the closing ceremony of another successful social investment project – English language program for the employees of the Agency of Protected Areas of Georgia (APA). I was joined by UK Ambassador in Georgia, Deputy Minister of Environment and the Head of British Council Georgia to award the English language certificates to 30 rangers and field staff working in the stunning national parks and protected areas across Georgia. This project is so special because it’s about environment and about education – the two areas highly-significant for bp and for me personally. Improving the language skills will hugely help APA people to communicate better with their stakeholders, foreign visitors and further enhance Georgia’s ecotourism potential.Bakhtiyar AslanbayiliVP communications and external affairs, Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkyie region


We believe that societies and communities where we work should benefit from our presence

We are happy to partner with you and launch the new project. It will help people better connect through the history and culture.  We believe projects like this can make the world a better place to live.  We also believe that it can inspire new generations to make a difference.
“Our newly established partnership with the Union of Museums represents yet another great project in bp's social investment portfolio. I am pleased we can help museums improve research and conservation capacity, develop new services and attract visitors from Georgia and all over the world.” Aytan Hajiyeva, bp Georgia Head of Country

Cultural heritage project at Ilia Chavchavadze literary-memorial museum under the Union of Museums

Our partnership helped the Union of Museums foster innovation and public benefit in three key areas:

1.  Research, restoration, and conservation capacity

2.  Access to information

3.  Public awareness

Scientists working in the restoration-conservation laboratory of the museum received new equipment. Low-pressure table, dino-lite digital microscope, UV light, light sheet - the fibre optic light sheet and large light sheet will help them improve quality of research restoration, and conservation capability in the museum. 

New laboratory equipment and instruments helped conservation and restoration of more than 250 items in 2023, including 1888-year publication of “Knight in Panthers Skin”' and Great Galaktion's letters.

It helps researchers better understand the damages and related restoration needs. Their work effectiveness improve not only on paper objects but on all diverse types of exhibits such as parchment, linen, canvas, photo negatives, textile etc. New equipment improve the quality of processing the damaged layers of paintings, enable the magnification of the invisible layers of the artwork, give a high-resolution view of the details of exhibits, and aid in the implementation of a more comprehensive research.

Bilingual audio guides for the visitors enhance effective communications.   The bilingual (Georgian/English) audio–guide system enables visitors to select the desirable option out of several audio-tours and to embark on an individual, self-guided museum tour. Audio recordings provide the visitors with additional information about the museum exhibits, enable the usage of voice and musical effects, and lend greater depth and intensity to the narration. Another advantage of this system is that it lets the museums effectively manage the growing number of visitors. Audio-guides digital system served more than 1000 visitors. 

Promotional video clips enhance public awareness about the Union of museums, its exhibits and research and educational activities. 10 short videos clips are popular and available through online platforms and social media channels. ·        
Solar panels installed in the Ilia Chavchavadze museum makes it the first public cultural facility in Georgia which has the alternative and green electricity supply system. It also sets a good example for introduction of modern environmentally friendly technologies. What is most important the new technology will contribute to sequestration of 150 tons of CO2 emissions over the period of 20 years, which equals to rescue of around 8000 trees. 

bp has supported Georgia over the last twenty-eight years initiating and funding social investment programs working together with the government, local and international institutions and businesses to bring benefits to the people and society spending more than USD 250 million.

bp employees visit eco trail

new life for the Eco trail at the Lagodekhi protected areas

bp launched the new recreational and educational trail in the Lagodekhi protected areas in cooperation with the Agency of the protected areas. At bp we fully understand the need and urgency for the protection of the world’s natural heritage and as a responsible company and good corporate citizen, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development and biodiversity protection anywhere we operate.  Supporting new eco trail project is part of this aim and we are pleased to partner with the agency of the protected areas contributing to the development of the important natural heritage sites in Georgia.We have one vision and one goal reflected in the memorandum of understanding signed not long ago, which helped us move forward with the potential projects. Education and protection of the environment is an important part of bp’s social investments in Georgia and we are pleased that new eco trail project in Lagodekhi protected areas is ready to receive visitors offering interactive tools and games to children and adults, boosting their curiosity and care for the beautiful Georgian nature. 

We aim to ensure that our presence in Georgia, and wherever we operate, creates mutual advantage for us and for those with whom we come into contact.


Using our collective experience and resources and working in partnership with others, we seek to respond to local needs and contribute to building the capacity of individuals, communities and institutions.


In Georgia, our focus will be to help protect the co-venturers’ asset base and overall investment by retaining the goodwill and supporting the work of key stakeholders – communities adjacent to the facilities, government and the NGO sector and the local business community.


Our goal is to maintain good relationships with communities near our facilities, as well as support the creation of a favourable environment for small and medium sized businesses.


The geography of our operations and the economic profile of neighbouring communities mean that sustainable projects in support of agriculture will remain our focus in rural areas.


Recognizing Georgia’s need to further develop its energy sector, we also seek to build capacity in civil society organizations and within communities.

We support programmes that respond to local needs and which are relevant to our business activities.


In 2003, we launched our first community development programme, linked to the start of construction work on the BTC/SCP pipelines.


Since then, together with our co-venturers, we have contributed to a wide range of projects in Georgia which have helped local communities, promoted business development, supported education and protected Georgia’s cultural and natural environment.


Initiatives have included:

  • A project to improve the business environment for small and medium-sized companies by reducing regulatory burdens and improving corporate governance.
  • Increasing awareness of energy efficiency through demonstration projects across Georgia.
  • A Masters level scholarship programme to enable gifted Georgian students to continue their education at UK universities.
  • Awarding grants to national environmental NGOs for capacity building.
  • Promoting environmentally sound practices and biodiversity conservation.

We want local communities to benefit from our presence and we support a wide range of projects that build local capacity.


The Project Management College


Established in 2009 as a partnership between bp, its co-venturers, ESI International (specialists in project management training) and Free University of Tbilisi, the Project Management College provides a seven-course curriculum leading to a Master’s Certificate from The George Washington University School of Business.


It also provides the possibility of graduates becoming Project Management Professional (PMP®) certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI®).


The course involves 24 days of study, spread over a year. A total of 252 students in 13 intakes have studied in its first five years, with 215 of them graduating with Master’s Certificates, and 14 becoming PMPs.

Students represent senior to mid-level managers from more than 100 different organizations, ranging from private companies, to NGOs, international organizations and the public sector.


bp and its co-venturers provide financial support to the college of approximately $2 million over the duration of the agreement. In the longer term, our goal is to build local capacity so that the entire programme is run by Georgian nationals.


The project has been extended for two more years, with an additional $250,000 funding. This will allow 50 more students to study in English, as well as translation of all seven courses into Georgian. It will also support the training of trainers, so that the curriculum can be offered in Georgian.


Supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency


This project, which builds on a series of pioneering initiatives we have run with the Georgia Energy Efficiency Centre, involved 23 small-scale initiatives in Eastern and Western Georgia.


Projects adopted clean energy measures such as replacing inefficient wood stoves with energy efficient ones; installing double-glazed PVC windows, doors and roof insulation; replacing light bulbs, and installing solar photovoltaic panels and thermal systems.


Energy efficient technologies introduced by bp and its partners help reduce CO2 emissions in Georgia


bp announced results of the three-year project ‘Renewable energy and energy efficiency project for Georgian municipalities’.


The project initiated and funded by bp and its oil and gas Co-venturers and implemented by the Energy Efficiency Center Georgia aims at promoting national energy security, as well as global environment protection, by improving energy efficiency in Georgian communities through provision of various tools and devices for reducing the CO2 emissions.


ენერგოეფექტური პროექტები საქართველოში

We work in partnership with a large number of organizations to help build the fabric of Georgian civil society.


Promoting energy efficiency


A related project to promote energy efficiency has involved eight Georgian municipalities, headed by Tbilisi.


The municipalities are signatories of the EU Covenant of Mayors (CoM). Under the covenant,cities have undertaken to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020 _ an ambitious target.

The project supports the CoM by implementing large-scale demonstration projects in each participating city. Initiatives are intended to serve as practical examples for other projects.


Each municipality is developing a sustainable energy action plan to achieve the CoM target.


The plans include a list of publicly owned buildings where energy efficiency projects could be launched. They include schools, kindergartens, medical centres, art and sport schools, and orphanages.


Projects for each city will be selected, with an approximate investment value of $60,000 per municipality.

To date, four projects have been implemented in three municipalities: Gori, Telavi and Rustavi. Work has begun to identify projects in the other municipalities.

Georgia investment climate project


This project, being implemented by the International Finance Corporation, seeks to promote sustainable private sector growth by increasing the competitiveness of local companies.

The project has three focal areas:

  • Simplifying tax administration (primarily VAT).
  • Streamlining customs procedures and systems.
  • Revising existing investment legislation to promote trade and foreign direct investment.

The direct initial beneficiaries will be the Ministry of Finance and State Revenue Service. In time, a simpler administrative environment should bring benefits to operating companies.


Encouraging trade and investment


We support the EU-Georgia Business Council (EUGBC), which was established with a $300,000 grant under the BP pledge agreement with the government of Georgia, signed in 2004. The EUGBC is a business driven organization who’s main
purpose is to:

  • Encourage investment and trade between EU and Georgia.
  • Promote Georgia in the EU as a place to invest and do business, and vice versa.
  • Promote and protect the common business interests of its members.
  • Foster ties in the EU and Georgia between businesses, governments and civil societies.

EUGBC members include the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the American Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Georgian Businessmen and the Association of Georgian Exporters.


EUGBC activities included meetings with Georgian government and European Union and international finance officials, carrying out business delegations to Europe, and holding trade seminars for Georgian small and medium-sized business.

bp Project management colleague